Form Handler

Collect information from your visitors and have it sent to you in an e-mail or saved to a .txt (text) file in your Angelfire directory.


Click for an example of a simple form.
Your form can either send you an e-mail that contains the information filled in by your visitors, or it can save the information directly to a text file in your Angelfire directory.

Click for instructions to have results e-mailed to you.

Click for instructions to save results to a text file.

Forms come in all shapes and sizes, and you have a handful of options for arranging and formatting your form. The HTML for a simple example can be found below.

Follow the editing instructions after the // and after the <!--comment tags--> to customize the script, after you copy and paste it into your HTML editor.

The above example is very simple, but forms can collect multiple types of information.
For example, click here to see a much more complex form.